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from the Audio Asylum

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Click to visit now see hear!

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Why Advertise in Audiophilia?

Each month, tens of thousands of audiophiles worldwide turn to Audiophilia as their source of high-end audio and music information. An advertisement in Audiophilia reaches this highly targetted market instantly, increasing your company's mind share, and delivering potential customers to your corporate web site with the click of a mouse.

Make an Impression

While many web sites quote their monthly hit count in an attempt to woo advertisers, the statistics provided are often misleading and highly suspect. The fact is, there is no standard way to measure so called "hits", and site owners often exploit this fact to overstate their access statistics.

The internet advertising industry has addressed this issue by introducing the notion of an impression. When an advertising banner is displayed on a web site, it is said that that banner has made an impression on the viewer. Rather than simply sell advertising space on its site with a fixed monthly rate, regardless of an ad's actual visibility or effectiveness, Audiophilia sells ad impressions. Do you want your advertisement to be viewed by 35,000 audiophiles? Then simply purchase 35,000 of Audiophilia's available inventory of impressions and be guaranteed that your ad reaches its intended target market.

Large Banner Sizes

Audiophilia offers its advertisers banner sizes which conform to the standards set out by the Internet Advertising Bureau. Throw out those small, non-standard banners you've placed on other sites and take advantage of the following large Audiophilia banner sizes:

Full Banner

Half Banner

Rate Card

Audiophilia's competitive, no risk advertising rates take the uncertainty out of web-based advertising. By paying for impressions, rather than simply ad space, your ad dollars will purchase a campaign which is guaranteed to reach its target audience.

Audiophilia's ad rates are based on the industry standard notion of Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM). For example, if the CPM rate is US$25.00, then 20,000 impressions can be purchased at a cost of US$500.00. Audiophilia requires that a campaign consist of a minimum of 20,000 impressions.

CPM Rate (468x60 Full Banner) CPM Rate (234x60 Half Banner)
US$25 CPM for 20,000 impressions US$20 CPM for 20,000 impressions
US$20 CPM for 35,000 impressions US$15 CPM for 35,000 impressions
US$15 CPM for 50,000 impressions or more US$10 CPM for 50,000 impressions or more

Once submitted to Audiophilia, an ad banner is run until it has been displayed as many times as the number of impressions purchased. For example, purchasing 20,000 impressions will guarantee that your banner is displayed 20,000 times before it is retired. Once retired, the banner will cease to display (and no new charges will be incurred) until such time as a new campaign has been purchased. Advertisers can, therefore, purchase impressions as they need them, with no long-term contracts or agreements to sign.

Billing statements will be issued (via fax, e-mail, or surface mail), upon completion of a campaign, for an amount to be calculated as follows:

Total Ad Campaign Cost = CPM Rate x Number of Impressions/1000
7% GST is applicable on all charges to Canadian companies

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Banner Design Service

Don't have a graphics department to design your banner? No problem! Simply supply Audiophilia with your corporate logo in any common graphics format and our in-house graphics designers will design a banner for you for as low as US$150.00. Here's a sample of our work:

Sample Apologia Ad

Getting your banner ad up at Audiophilia has never been easier! Simply click here to begin!

Still have questions? Our sales department will be glad to help.