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Last Updated: Sunday, 17-Jan-1999 01:32:04 EST

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Anthony Gallo Acoustics
John Marks Records

(January 10, 1999 - Day 4)

Room AP1451

Hosted by Valve Amplification Company.

Townshend Rock Mk.III turntable/Rega RB300 tonearm/Grado XTZ phono cartridge, Teac Esoteric P-10 transport, VAC The Standard D/A converter (US$1990.00), VAC Avatar Integrated Amplifier (US$3490.00), Thiel CS6 loudspeakers, Cardas Golden Cross cables.

Valve Amplification Company's Avatar Integrated Amplifier

Whether playing CDs or LPs, Kevin Hayes' VAC electronics (coupled with Thiel's CS6 loudspeakers) had an uncanny way of sounding like music. A liquid midrange, tight , articulate bass, and a wonderfully refined treble presentation were just a few of the hallmarks of this fine system. Kudos to the unassuming Mr. Hayes, who, with the Avatar, would appear to have another success on his hands.

(January 9, 1999 - Day 3)

Room AP1751

Hosted by Coincident Speaker Technology and WireWorld.

The Coincident Speaker Technology Millenium loudspeaker (US$6995.00), Manley 300B monoblock amplifiers (US$5300.00), California Audio Labs CL-25 CD player (US$2495.00) and Wireworld Gold Eclipse cables.

Coincident Speaker Technology Millenium Loudspeakers

Israel Blume, designer of the Milleniums, has a winner on his hands. The speakers have superb tonal qualities and play with amazing dynamics.

The Milleniums made beautiful music (from within a magnificently finished cabinet) in great accord with the Manley monoblocks. This seems to be a marriage made in audio heaven. The CAL CD player and Wireword cable helped things along nicely. Congratulations to all concerned.

(January 8, 1999 - Day 2)

Room AP2402

Hosted by Von Schweikert Research.

Von Schweikert Research VM-3 LoudspeakerWith its monitor style, lovely oak finish and beveled front baffle, the two-way three-driver VM-3 loudspeaker made an imposing debut. On Day Two, the Audiophilia writers heard great sound from many different companies, but at only US$1980.00 list, the VM-3 made a musical statement in value far above its price point.

The associated components (Panasonic DVD-A110 DVD player as transport, EAD Theatre Master Ovation preamp/processor, Sunfire Cinema Grand power amplifier, Synergistic Reference Designer's Reference cables, and Sound Anchor equipment stands) were chosen carefully and reacted in true synergistic fashion with the VM-3s. Imaging and soundstage were obvious in their excellence, but it was the superb tonal quality that caught our ears. Congratulations Albert.

(January 7, 1999 - Day 1)

Room AP2560

Hosted by Joseph Audio, Bright Star Audio, and Audio Power Industries.

Joseph RM-25si LoudspeakerThe system consisted of the VTL TL5.5 preamplifier /MB175 monoblock power amplifiers, Spotheim La Luce turntable/tonearm, and Joseph Audio RM25si loudspeakers.

Jeff Joseph's relatively inexpensive loudspeaker (US$3299.00) sounded impressive via a well-selected group of associated components. Mr. Joseph's comment that the price of the RM-25si is less than the tax on many high-end loudspeakers was certainly thought-provoking. The sound was of such high quality that we intend to return for an extended listening session before show's end.