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The Audiophilia Star Component Award

As selected by Audiophilia's contributors and editor

The Audiophilia Star Component Award

In this day of self-congratulation and self-promotion, one more award given by one more magazine may seem redundant. However, the contributing lights here at Audiophilia feel we have a very positive contribution to make and that the denizens of our avocation would be more than happy to receive the Audiophilia imprimatur. Thus, the Audiophilia Star Component moniker was born.

To receive an Audiophilia Star Component Award, a simple nomination by the reviewer is all that is required - no hard, fast rules or panels. Just a simple love affair between ear and gear. As such, the 'star' may be added to reviews thick and fast or none may be awarded. We will post a complete list at year end.

Look for the Audiophilia Star Component Award at the end of an equipment review. It will have been awarded to an outstanding piece of equipment by an Audiophilia reviewer in your service.

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