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Audiophilia takes a sneak peek at the new 5.3 floorstanding loudspeaker from Soliloquy High Fidelity

Anthony Kershaw
Soliloquy 5.3 Loudspeaker

While picking up the superb Verity Audio Fidelio loudspeakers for review from Verity's Canadian distribution center (see the review in this issue), the distributor hurried me into a small listening room that highlighted one of her new speaker lines. Two curly maple stunners stood center stage. Her persistency was in aid of the continuation of a guessing game we like to play where she plays equipment I'm unfamiliar with and I offer thoughts, impressions, and my best guess at a price. Actually, I enjoy being her audiophile guinea pig and, if truth was told, audiophiles love this kind of stuff. Without being too arrogant, I am usually close or on the button! The subject of our latest game was the 5.3 floorstanding speaker from North Carolina newcomer Soliloquy High Fidelity. Before the distributor's disclosure, I mentioned some of the characteristics I liked and scrutinized the superb craftsmanship. Even after a brief audition, I voiced the opinion that if priced at US$5000.00 they were up against some very stiff competition, but still competitive, at US$3000.00 they would be a true bargain, and at US$2000.00, load them up! Well, at US$1895.00 a pair, the 5.3s must be regarded as one of the first audiophile bargains of the Millennium.

The 5.3's specifications spell an easy load and are just what the doctor ordered for your basic wash and go audiophile: 90 dB sensitivity, 8 Ohm impedance, a frequency response from 35 Hz to 20 kHz, and bi-wireable via superb gold plated, five way binding posts. The three drivers are proprietary in design (the 5.3 is, in reality, a three-driver, two-way system sporting two 5.25" bass/midrange drivers and one 1.125" double chamber, silk dome tweeter) . The cabinetwork, as suggested, is ultra fine. These beauties would make a ProAc or Totem blush. They come well packed for shipping; there is no skimping. Spikes are provided and are of singular design and excellent construction. In fact, the whole package exudes class.

As heard in the demo room, the 5.3s were hooked up to an Audiolab one-box CD player and SimAudio's Moon Series I-5 integrated amplifier.The sound was as clean as a whistle, with excellent dynamics and a tendency toward the spectacular. I was looking forward to getting the 5.3s home, breaking them in (100 hours minimum), and setting them up with my reference amps from ARC, Sonic Frontiers, SimAudio, and the new 300B SE from Sonic Frontiers' Assemblage.

The Fidelio review has been sent to the webmaster for setup, and it is now time for Verity's gems to make place for the Soliloquys. The ARC D125 amplifier will be warm in an hour, and the listening shall commence. It is at times like this that I love my job!

To be continued…

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