Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Headphones

Just a few years ago, the idea of a wireless headphone with quality sound and solid connectivity was a bit of a dream. The last couple of years have seen large steps taken with the connectivity, now using Bluetooth 4.0 and many (including the Momentum Wireless) supporting the aptX codec (improved sound when streaming over Bluetooth). All major and boutique manufacturers are coming out with wireless versions of their benchmark wired headphone.

Karl Sigman recently reviewed the Master & Dynamic MW60 Wireless Headphones for Audiophilia. Karl loved them. And the solid connectivity. Wireless suits the large, comfortable headphones far better than sports models where exercise may take you out of the max range. My wife had to return her Beats wireless sports because of this problem. With larger headphones, most of the listening will be jogging free. Range should not be a problem.

The original Momentum headphones were widely praised for their good looks, comfort and quality sound. They are now on their 2nd Generation (US$499.99). This new wireless model also features 'NoiseGard Hybrid' active noise cancellation. So, good looks, noise cancelling and solid connectivity. And a 22 hour battery charge. But do they manage to capture the same quality sound as the wired model?

All buttons on right earpiece. Photo credit: CNET

All buttons on right earpiece. Photo credit: CNET

I was surprised at just how good the wireless model sounded in comparison to the wired version. And getting damn close in refined sound to my reference Masters & Dynamic MH40 Headphones. The MH headphones have a natural sound with balanced tessituras that I enjoy — no Beats bass, no middle bloat, no etched highs (listen to that detail!). Rock music sounded wonderful on the Momentums (sadly, a David Bowie binge) and classical music was wonderful thanks to the aforementioned balance. Headphone aficionados will appreciate this type of sound design — the comfort will make you forget you’re wearing headphones in the short term, and the sound will help in the long term. I listened for hours at a time — never fatigued inner or outer ear. 

I’m looking forward to taking these travelling. The noise cancellation seems to be at least the match of Bose, not that one can review ‘noise cancelling’ — oh my, the mid range.

They look sophisticated and are foldable for travel. A lovely female voice prompts you when pairing is complete, battery is low, etc. Playback, on/off and volume are on the right earpiece. You’ll be fiddling with the buttons error-free within seconds. 

I’m going to try and get a pair of the Masters & Dynamic MW60s that Karl reviewed. He adores them. A battle of the wireless headphone giants. Stay tuned.

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