GINETTE NEVEU -- Beethoven Violin Concerto/Brahms Violin Concerto

SWR Baden Baden/ Hans Rosbaud

Orchestra National de la Radio Francais/ Roger Desormier

SWR Music 47313 90188

Neveu died in a plane crash over the Azores in 1949 on her way to tour the USA and her many followers were inconsolable, not least my own teacher who often told me that I must listen to Ginette Nevue and Albert Sammons as they were the finest players ever to pick up a bow.

Neveu recorded the Brahms in London in 1946 with the newly formed Philharmonia Orchestra and this performance is understandably a bench mark for many even today.

She never recorded the Beethoven and so this performance which she gave just a month before her death is the only document we have to appreciate her wide artistry in this concerto.

I am happy to put up with the odd sounds that sometimes emanate from the orchestra in the Beethoven because Neveu is spellbinding in her approach to this most musical of concertos and she maintains a line of beauty in the slow movement that is worth the price of the disc.

The Brahms is a tour de force and again I can put up with the rough sound of the orchestra however her commercial recordng with Dobroven is a better document to her playing.

Limited sound apart, Nevue was capable of magic and for that we must thank the Gods.