An Audiophilia Top Ten: indispensable instrumental jazz LP reissues for the audiophile new to vinyl

Last week we published the classical version of this Audiophilia Top Ten. Like classical and popular reissue LPs, the list could (and should) be hundreds in number. A little fun with a Top Ten but a serious list, nonetheless. And each LP will bring unalloyed audiophile pleasure for their recordings and performances. Repertoire? Well, that’s up to you.

Once again, remember these are reissue LPs. The original v reissue debate continues, and in some corners, rages! Not here. Just enjoy. If you have a Clearaudio Goldfinger cartridge and God has caressed your phono cable, you will hear a difference. But for the rest of us, these reissues serve a very important purpose. So much so, that many are now getting harder to find. Like the classical reissues, treat yourself to the 200 gram pressings if available.

In no particular order. Please add your favourite reissues in the Comments section. Thanks.