In the Trenches: Sound Hounds, Victoria, BC

I have just spent five wonderful days in Victoria, BC. A gorgeous little city, with a Sub Mediterranean climate, fine restaurants, excellent nightlife, the Olympic Mountains across the Strait and, of course, the Pacific Ocean. One day, I’d like to live there. Other than no snow and good wine stores, the only other two prerequisites for a big Audiophilia move are a BMW dealership and a good high end audio store. Happily, Victoria hits on all counts.

Which brings me to Sound Hounds, Victoria’s home of high end audio. Founded in the early 70s (the store seems to have kept the original style), the store is a feast of high end goodies. It is a dealer for Audio Note, Quad, Magneplanar, and many other high end lines. They boast good sound rooms, a healthy trade in room, and a repair centre. Nice.

But best of all are the sales team. The latest hire is from 1993, with the owners and other salespeople from the store beginnings. And they still have smiles on their faces and lots of trusted experience.

If you are an audio fan and have some time in Canada’s paradise, drop in for a visit.


1532 Pandora Avenue, Victoria, BC, Canada. V8R 1A8

Tuesday - Saturday

9:30AM - 6:00PM