Edifier H840 Stereo Headphones

FedEx delivered a box containing Edifier H840 Headphones. I knew nothing of the manufacturer, but a quick trip to Google suggested a China based company producing good looking, inexpensive kit.

The H840 is a basic as you can get headphone with zero bells or whistles. Basically, the headphone, attached cable, then plug and play. At $60, Edifier is giving you a good looking set that aims high with no modern add ons. 

Plastic for the most part, with a metal core headband, the Edifier looks really good. I figure the demographic is for the consumer that wants better than bud sound, with good looks for just a few more dollars than an Apple earbud.

The comfort is good as the plastic is complaint and the ear pads soft. The is no provision for phone calls, no Bluetooth, no microphones. No carry case, but the ear cups fold for travel.

The sound is uneventful. For many who want their sound unequalized, that may be a good thing. You get better than Apple buds with a squishy pleather cup on your ears - good coverage, but not quite big enough on my massive noggin! 

Highs and bass are ameliorated, but the midrange is generally in play. And the beige is at least balanced. 

One of my pleasures this weekend was reviewing the new Brahms Symphony cycle from the Detroit Symphony. Listening at length to high res files on my MacBook Pro was unfatiguing and damn pleasurable. For sure, the upper sheen of the violins was missing so to the low C extensions on the Detroit basses, but the magical essence of great musicians came through clearly. 

A little smoky Norah Jones suggested that musical satisfaction was available from laid back genres, and well recorded, hard driving bop had zippy rhythms. 

Are any serious Audiophilia headphoners going to grab a pair? No. But, they may purchase a couple as gifts for teenagers or music enthusiasts who want a little style and a step above bud sound. 

They are available in blue or black.

Further information: Edifier