With the launch of Audiophilia v5, we'll begin to curate current news items that we feel will be of interest to our readers.

Audiophilia commentary will be limited unless we have experience with the product or the item is in the Audiophilia review queue. As such, News items will be mostly from the manufacturer's perspective.

We get many news/press releases daily in our Inbox.

We do not have the time to curate (or publish) every slice of news we receive.

Transferring news items and press releases from v4 to our new site was instructive. Here on v5, demarcation will be much clearer. Audiophilia will always be about our bread and butter equipment and music reviews. News posts will be clearly visible and easily navigated.

Read them or ignore.

Your choice.

Each News item will stay in the Recent Reviews current blog post list a short time. We will not be advertising News items through our social media outlets. Discovery will made by our readers when they visit the site. You'll be able to find back items through a simple search from our Navigation Bar atop the page or from the navigation links in the Footer. Easy.

Back News items will be deleted from Audiophilia regularly.  

Readers. Do you have a suggestion for a news item that interests you? Please drop us a line here

Manufacturers. It seems from our Inbox, we are on many of your email pushes. No further action is required. All email is read. If you want to resend it or be sure to add our email to your list, please do so here