Martha Argerich -- Early Recordings

These recordings were sourced by DGG from 1960s German radio recordings. Some were recorded before Argerich triumphed in the Chopin Piano Competition. Some, after.  Before or after the world's imprimatur, these recordings show the genius of Argerich's playing. Faultless technique, sparkling sound, youthful courage and wonderful musicianship. 

Argerich recorded some of these works later commercially on DG. I am particularly fond of her amazing Gaspard. Here, you get a glimpse of what is to come. Her radio Gaspard is just as fresh and brave, much like her Prokofiev.

Argerich has not released a solo record for over thirty years. Unlike many artists, Argerich knew when to hang them up. She still performs specific works with orchestras and lots of chamber music, but the solo recordings are long gone. Thankfully, DGG has a full catalogue of masterful recordings and found these German radio gems.

A young Martha Argerich.

A young Martha Argerich.

Her Mozart (Piano Sonata No.18 In D, K.576) and Beethoven (Piano Sonata No.7 In D, Op.10 No.3) honour classical design. Melodies sparkle and technique is completely assured. Nothing fazes the young woman.

Her Ravel is gorgeous and her Prokofiev fearless. That said, my particular favorite of Prokofiev's 7th Sonata is by another DGG artist, Maurizio Pollini. She comes close, but he's Olympian and still top of the hill. 

This new release comes on 2 CDs or 2 LPs. Go for the LP. It'll be lovely. The CD recording is very good -- DGG do a good job of getting the best out of the original tapes. There is a little boxy compression at times, but nothing to bother the flow of the music. Sometimes, the recording quality is pure magic. Listen to the filigree of the Beethoven finale. Superb.  

These are gems. They give Argerich fans exactly what they crave. The artist at her very best.  Highly recommended. 

Int. Release 08 Jul. 2016

2CDs/2 LPs

DGG 0289 479 6065 2

Mozart: Klaviersonate Nr. 18 

Beethoven: Klaviersonate Nr. 7

Prokofieff: Klaviersonaten Nr. 3 & 7; Toccata op11

Ravel: Gaspard de la nuit; Sonatine