News: The Greatest Show in Town coming in one week. Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2016 -- Oct 7 - 9

The year goes so fast. Here comes the best audio show in North America, full of attentive, enthusiastic audiophiles and two channel goodness. 

Audiophilia will be there, of course, and our full show report will publish after show close on Monday Oct 10, 9:00 a.m. PST. Be sure to visit us and read about all the audiophile goodness. It's almost as good as being there. 

One of the great things about Rocky Mountain Audio Fest is the organization. Marjorie Baumert and her team spend much of the year making sure things go without a hitch. As such, organization and implementation are impeccable. It's my number one audio destination every year. 

This year, there was a hiccup. And, a pretty big one. The promised renovation deadline for the show's hotel, the Marriott, was missed. As such, Marjorie and her team leapt into gear to ensure the show will go on in the same superb way as previous years. Knowing Marjorie, I have no doubt the 2016 show will still be shining star of the audio show season. Attend with confidence. 

Here is the latest information from RMAF on the show and its organization. 

Life, they say, is what happens on a rainy Tuesday afternoon. Well, dear friends, we have had showers this week at the Marriott Denver Tech Center. But fear not, we have a plan.

When the Marriott Denver Tech Center management decided to renovate our headquarters, we were told the renovation would definitely be completed in time for our 2016 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. While the renovations are in the home stretch, they will not be entirely finished by showtime.

As you will see, the completed areas of the hotel are gorgeous. Those spaces have been kicked up more than a few notches. And of course the fully finished renovation project will be an enormous benefit to RMAF for years to come.

We assembled a talented team to brainstorm creative and logistical ideas in response to the recent discovery that less space will be available to us than we had anticipated. As businesspeople, you well know that necessity is the mother of invention. The following modifications and improvements promise to make this the best Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest ever.


The Front Range Atrium side of the hotel will not be available for RMAF use. While this initially posed some challenges, here's how we are going to tackle them.

All 4th and 5th floor Front Range exhibit rooms will now be moved to the Summit Tower side. All couches may now be removed from the rooms. Our website designer is working on a script to transfer all information to your new locations.

CanJam will be located in a large tent located in the front of the hotel with a canopy into the front entrance.

CanJam Atrium spaces will be moved to the Summit Tower side of the lobby. We are working on this new space with the Marriott and will be contacting these exhibitors directly.

Lobby meeting rooms will be located in pods near the entrance of the hotel.

RMAF implemented several exciting initiatives that will be continued this year:

RMAF will be presenting the 2nd Annual Rocky Mountain International HiFi Press Awards (RIHPA). Building on the success of our inaugural event in 2015, the RIHPA has added several new international publications.

We are excited to announce that Lincoln Chen, Executive Editor of Audiotechnique from Hong Kong, will be in attendance. This will be Lincoln's and Audiotechnique's first U.S. show outside of CES. Lincoln will be doing a Q&A session with's Roy Gregory on Friday.

After great feedback from our Entry Level Room series sponsored by RMAF in 2015, we have increased the number of rooms from 3 to 5. The price points will be $500, $1000, $1500, $2500 and $5000.

The Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest will continue its unparalleled success under the steady and indefatigable hand of our own Marjorie Baumert! Send good humor and best wishes our way, and we promise you that we will come together as a community to rock the 2016 RMAF!

Thank you for your continued support. We are working with the Marriott today and hope to have a comprehensive update on Monday. Please email all questions to This press release that was sent out today to our international press contacts.

Warmest Regards, 

The RMAF Team

Marjorie Baumert

RMAF Director