My Top Ten Loudspeakers

Wow! Who knew?

Not my no-agenda, naive, fun-loving heart, that's for sure. This post conjured up all sorts of provocative emails, phone calls, Twitter and Facebook posts. Basically, as a reviewer, I don't get to say my favorite loudspeakers. Not even in fun or for poops and giggles. So, take the list as it was intended. Fun, no more. Or, maybe, expunge it from your mind if it was bloody offensive.

Well, of course it's a silly list. Some fun on a cold January day. Nothing more. Of course I like horns, Maggies and Lowthers. fear not, topology geeks. I nearly bought a Beauhorn. Once. My tastes change all the time -- as a reviewer I thought allowed. Just like YOU. So, don't get your knickers in a knot. Take the damn list how it was meant. There'll be different one next month.

Maybe not! 

Cheers, Anthony


This list is notable for an omission rather than the actual list. The lead photograph, Peter Walker's ubiquitous Quad Electrostatic Loudspeaker [1957] is the grandaddy of loudspeakers, the big cheese. Any list without it cannot be taken seriously, right? Well, I'll leave that up to you. It is an incredible speaker with a fanatical following and an almost royal lineage, but it would only make my honourable mentions along with speakers from Royd, mbl, Burmester, Vienna Acoustics, Rockport Technologies and a myriad of others. 

What's your list? Would love to read your thoughts. Please put your lists in our Comments below. Thx. 

In order:

Magico Q1

Focal Grande Utopia EM

Verity Audio Parsifal Anniversary

Martin Logan CLS IIz [no longer in production]

Focal Scala Utopia

Alta Audio Celesta FRM-2


ProAc Response One SC [no longer in production]