VPI Avenger Reference Turntable Footers


Having just finished the VPI Avenger Reference turntable review I was aware that the company had several upgrades that supposedly would make appreciable sonic improvements to the Avenger’s already stunning performance. I found the Avenger so good, it is now my reference.  Yet three weeks later I am trying to improve it. 

I requested a set of three footers (USD$1000—a set of four is USD$1350) from VPI. Mat Weisfeld, President of VPI soon had them at my door. I balked a little at the price and he suggested at least trying them and decide if they were worth it. I withheld my skepticism ‘till serious auditioning took place. 

I removed the standard footers and replaced them with the Reference Footers, a simple and intuitive thing to do, and started to play some records. One of the things I liked about the Footers was the large, knurled leveling rings. They made the process of leveling the table much easier.

Full VPI Avenger Reference with Footers.

Full VPI Avenger Reference with Footers.

There was a definite improvement in the sound. As a generalization, all the virtues of the Avenger were further elevated. Improvements in separation, clarity, soundstage development, greater image specificity, and three dimensionality, to name a few. 

At this exalted analog level, squeezing an additional percent of improvement in your system is usually very costly. Sure, the footers are not cheap, but I think they’re worth the investment and they’ll be staying in my system. 

Further information: VPI Industries