Denver in Autumn (visiting Rocky Mountain Audio Fest)

Unless knee deep in a surprise Rocky Mountain snowstorm, Fall is a beautiful time of year to visit Denver, CO, one of the coolest, most progressive cities in the USA. It's a place that reveres craft beer (there's even a museum in the airport about it), has many fine restaurants, and where you can get high. Legally. 

In addition, the local audiophiles run what has become one of the finest high end audio shows in the nation. And my favourite. Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF). Please don't misunderstand, this is not an electronics show. Samsung and LG won't have the latest TVs on hand. This is two channel, high end audio. Pure. Unadulterated. If you wanted, you could bring your Cc and purchase a whole system at the show—it's chock-a-block with deals and sympathetic ears. You'll get passionate, honest advice and you'll be able to hear hundreds of systems boasting all the latest gear. Inexpensive systems are on show, too. So, no excuses.


The show, developed and run by the indefatigable Marjorie Baumert, has live music, seminars, demonstrations, trade floors (lots of vinyl for sale), CanJam, the best portable audio mini show, and almost two hundred rooms in the Denver Marriott Tech Center. Coffee shop, good bar/restaurant and room service, too. You'll never leave during the three days. 

You love high end audio.? You love replicating music to the highest level you can afford? You love discussing everything audio with kind, patient, like-minded individuals? Then, RMAF's for you. 

Coming soon. 

OCTOBER 5—7, 2018. DENVER, CO. 

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