High End Society—Munich. May 9-12, 2019


Audiophilia will be there to bring you all the action and fun in real time with our live blog and also on Instagram. Please bookmark both addresses and check back often to experience the famous show as if you were there—May 9 through 12. Remember, GMT +2 (if you check in at 10 a.m. in New York, it’s already 3 p.m. in Munich. Checking in early from Los Angeles? It’s dinner time in Munich).

The show, like many others worldwide, has become very popular and will be full on Thursday, press/trade day. Check in with Audiophilia, especially, for our carefully curated blog of new gear, European products unavailable in North America, and lots and lots of vinyl. And we will be choosing ‘Best of Show’. Why not? It’s audiophile fun. 

The show takes place at the superb MOC, a very large convention and exhibition centre.  


So, if we don’t see you there (if you are, please say guten tag), drop by the two sites and experience quality posts with photos, prices, etc. Also, we’ve been invited to the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra to hear Daniel Harding conduct Mahler 5. One of the world’s greatest orchestras. We’ll be reviewing the concert on our Facebook page. No doubt, it’ll be the best sound we hear all week. 

For our friends heading to the show, safe travels. And for show goers, we’re looking forward to sharing our amazing avocation with new friends.