Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest 2019–coming in two weeks. September 6–8

For tickets, please click here.

Show goers, please note the date. A month earlier this year due to the move to the new location. I’m assured it’s back in October for 2020.

Earlier, our friends at RMAF sent this:

This year we are thrilled to be expanding with you into the Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center, which will be our new RMAF "home on the range" starting with the 16th Annual RMAF, September 5-8, 2019.

The Gaylord Rockies opened on schedule and to great fanfare on December 18. A few of our team spent the opening night there exploring, testing, tasting and...WOW!

Want to see the resort in detail? Click here for some spectacular, professional architectural photography inside and out.


After much travelling and some audio show visitations this year, I’ve seen no reason to knock RMAF of its perch as the best in consumer audio shows. Note the word consumer. Rocky Mountain is the best of both worlds. Consumers can listen to gear, purchase, and talk to designers, press, etc, and dealers, distributors and manufacturers can make the deals. It’s my audio ‘must visit’ of the year. If you’ve been, I don’t need to tell you. If you haven’t, the show is very friendly and a ton of fun. You’ll be entertained, thrilled, and if you wish, can discuss and learn at the various panels and lectures or in the pleasant confines of the seven restaurants and bars. And for the energetic, there is an indoor and outdoor pool and a ‘lazy river’ and a fully equipped exercise room.


People don’t like change. Old or young. But folks also love to complain. And after several years of much complaining about the old hotel (not me, I loved it) and continued logistical problems, the RMAF staff decided to make the change to a full resort, brand new, and a only a few kilometres from the airport.

I’m really excited to see the Gaylord Rockies Resort. We will report on it in our scrupulously honest fashion in our live blog and on our social media channels (more information later this month). We have a team of five heading to Denver.

RMAF/Audiophilia/The University of Colorado at Denver Student Initiative

Once again, RMAF, Audiophilia and The University of Colorado at Denver are teaming up to introduce high end audio to the younger generation of enthusiasts and engineers. Prof. Karl Sigman of Columbia University (and Audiophilia) will be hosting up to 15 students who show an interest in the musical, sound, and engineering aspects of our avocation. If they drop by your room, I’m sure you’ll make them feel as welcome as you have in the past few years. And, a big thank you to Marjorie Baumert and her RMAF team for providing passes for this wonderful opportunity.

So, hope to see you at the show in beautiful Denver and the Rocky Mountains, and if not, be sure to follow us on our live blog. Lots of rooms, new gear, prices, people, the resort, and thoughts on the sounds produced. As it happens.

For tickets to the show, please click here.