Rocky Mountain Redux


Denver, CO

In case you missed our live blog and social media posts from the 2109 Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest, below are the links to the channels and all the posts about the wonderful rooms, people and sound seen & heard in Denver.

Audiophilia Live Blog



I’ve also posted below my Facebook summary of this year’s very special and unique show.

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RMAF 2019

End of a great day. Fabulous rooms and superior sound.

And to top it off, a record crowd for the first two days.

Look to the live blog tomorrow for the team’s best of show. We’ll be heading home.

I found it instructive bumping into several famous faces checking out the show as singles ready to make a commitment next year. They were not surprised that the show was such a stonking success, but...

With that in mind, I hope the colleagues & friends that were greatly missed this unique year, will be ready to go Oct 2020.

The venue.

Massive. Comfortable. Above average food. Wonderful service. 6 super fast, modern elevators—no more than 15 second wait. Bring your kids. They’ll love it.

Get Uber ($16) NOT a taxi ($40). It’s only 10 miles from DEN.

For the stereotypical overweight, weekend warrior, 50 something male audiophile, the distances between the enormous Convention Center (CC) and the tower rooms may be a little humbling. But old peg leg made it, so stop yer whinin’! 🙂

If registration can take place in the lobby rather than in the outer reaches of the (CC), that would be a good thing. My only real brickbat.

The large rooms in the CC sounded very good, equipment dependent. However, the team was blown away by the very solid, small tower rooms. Some of the best sound we’ve heard at a show.

I heard some people were expecting a spectacular failure. Those people don’t know organizer Marjorie Baumert and her crack team.

Sure it was smaller, although it didn’t seem it. A lot of superstar companies were here and some hot new ones. And yes, more expensive. But, you wanted new, you got it. And next year, the show will build. In two years, it’ll be back to normal.

This was a challenge for Marjorie. It’s a massive undertaking. It felt like a new show. And Phoenix like, it rose beautifully in technicolor.

A huge thank you to the team travelling from New York City and Victoria. You were amazing, as usual.

Looking forward to 2020