Audiophilia YouTube Channel

With PewDiePie hitting 100,000,000 subscribers, yes, you read that right, 100 million, our new Audiophilia channel looks a little silly. But, we’ll jump on the bandwagon, not for poops & giggles, but once in a while we want to show off a new piece of equipment, play a track that’s sublime, promote a review, or just shoot the breeze.

That said, yours truly has a face for radio. I do not want to be a ‘Youtube Star’. Others, it seems, do. We just want to promote quality equipment, recordings and direct you to our reviews. You’ll hear our voices at times, but no typical ‘audiophile talks for hours about minutiae’ while we have to look at their mugs. Our mantra will be ‘show, don’t tell’.

If that’s of interest to you, please subscribe to our channel.