Vancouver Audio Festival @hificentre 2017

Vancouver Audio Festival @hificentre 2017

Another one bites the dust.

They're dropping like flies.

What's done, is done.

Audio shows, that is.  

Okay, that's enough of that. 

Sadly, the Vancouver Audio Show lasted but two years, and along with the more venerable Montreal Audio Show, succumbed to market forces, lack of interest, high prices for exhibitors, etc. Usually, when something like an audio show closes, it's gone forever. Interestingly, both Montreal and Vancouver have been resurrected by local, passionate audiophiles. 

By all measure the new Montreal Audio Show was a great success and will continue. It reminds me of when Walter Legge disbanded London's Philharmonia Orchestra in 1964 and sold off the name. The orchestra immediately rebranded and formed themselves as The New Philharmonia Orchestra, still going brilliantly today as the Philharmonia (the original name was secured in 1977). Let's hope both Montreal and Vancouver shows demonstrate such longevity.

Core Power Technologies Equi=Core 1800 Power Conditioner

Core Power Technologies Equi=Core 1800 Power Conditioner

I was convinced of the benefits of power conditioning years ago at the beginning of my equipment journey. I was auditioning some Numan Loudspeakers -- long since departed the highend. The designer was extolling their virtues and asked me if I wanted to hear them sound at their very best. 

He switched on an MIT box. This unnasuming, utilitarian piece of kit instantly improved the sound - veils were lifted. I thought it was a different amplifier, readying for the hard sell. No, a power conditioner. And a damn fine one. 

Over the years, I've had more than a few to play with. Some, much like the Audio Power Industries  behemoth that's been in my system for over 20 years, do a very good job of cutting out the hash and other nasties. A couple, however, were unmitigated failures. The primary failure was a loss of power and musical energy. Robbing Peter and never paying Paul.