John Marks Responds

Thanks for a thorough and thoughtful review. We are delighted that our production values and recorded sound have received such praise.

I think we can all agree that the recording industry has made extraordinary progress in recent years, when the purely digital nature of a recording of cello and piano is a sonic non-issue. This recording has no digital "thumbprint," it just sounds like the music. Credit for this goes in roughly equal shares to Jerry Bruck; Schoeps; Kudelski NAGRA, SA; and Benchmark.

Naturally we would prefer if Mr. Kershaw had enjoyed the playing more, but because we sell our CDs with a money-back guarantee, people can make up their own minds about the disc as a whole. We do have a new Delmoni-Rosen duo recital in preparation, and will be sure to send you a copy when it comes out.

Sincerely, John Marks