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by Anthony Kershaw

I discovered this talented Duo via its flutist on Twitter. Emily Andrews did what young people now do in place of a ‘cold call’ — she messaged me on Twitter to see if Audiophilia was interested in reviewing the duo’s debut CD. We like to promote talented youngsters in this new world of self promotion and imploding record companies.

I was under a misapprehension about the CD. For various reasons, I did not follow my mantra: ‘Must read notes before CD arrives’. Repeat! I assumed, as recent graduates of London’s prestigious Royal Academy of Music, we’d be receiving a very proper classical CD of flute/guitar with original or adapted repertoire. Wrong, and as it turns out, a very happy mistake on my part.

From the Roots is a CD of adapted folk music lovingly played and arranged by flutist Andrews and David Massey, guitarist. Improvisation and musical memory make up the framework for the arrangements. British folksongs like Early One Morning, Bold Grenadier, Molly Malone and Loch Lomond are included among others.

Andrews Massey Duo

Andrews Massey Duo

Fresh from the glorious sounds of the Vienna Philharmonic concert ringing in my ears and with a frustrated fistful of backlogged CDs (due to my month long waterlogged studio — the repairs were completed same day as the VPO concert), I placed the CD in the tray happy to hear anything via a high end system. What a lovely, fresh surprise. The arrangements are very musical, the playing is wonderful (both artists are exemplary instrumentalists) and the overdubs subtle (the arrangements begin with a flute/guitar track and then overdubbed with secondary lines of piccolo, penny whistles, steel string guitars, etc).

The recording environment is Duke’s Hall, a large space in the Academy with overdubs mixed by Massey. They have produced a gem of a recording. Audiophiles, take note. And, lovers of the genre, buy with confidence.

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Chris G, London 03.03.13 at 5:23 pm

I bought this based on your recommendation and I was taken away to a magical place the moment I hit “play”. Your review cut to the chase and was really helpful, so “thank you”. I also want to say thanks to the Andrews Massey Duo for some of the nicest commutes I can remember. Who cares about the traffic on the M25 when your mind is by that lake with that person you love with butterflies in the air (or wherever it takes you)

Great recommendation. Thank you.


admin 03.03.13 at 5:34 pm

M25 lol What a nutty road :)

Many thanks for your kind comments, Chris. And, welcome.

Cheers, a

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