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by admin on February 18, 2009 · 1 comment

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I like ingenue audio companies that put heart and soul into improving the lot of the high end. Since Aussie Andy Fawcett joined Audiophilia last year, I have become more aware of the Australian passion for elegant design and great sound. Sure, there’s Halcro, designer of some of the world’s best (and biggest) power amplifiers, but there are also small, fledgling companies like Lenehan Audio and Burson Audio.

The very enthusiastic guys at Burson sent me some of their gear a couple of years ago. The integrated amplifier and ‘Burson Buffer’ were prototypes and they wanted feedback. They were brave. Many designers shrink and shrivel at the mere hint of one negative word. I have lost ad revenue to prove it! These guys embraced it. I let them know what I think. They certainly had potential.

That was two generations ago. I’m hoping to hear this new gear sometime soon. It looks gorgeous and I thought Audiophilia readers would like to see how inspiration becomes progeny.

John Delmo of Burson Audio writes ‘utilising their next generation of Burson opamp and regulator technology, the P-160 line promises to take music reproduction to a new high.  Some of the impressive features include their newly developed power supply, custom built low noise transformers and a casing that can survive a drop off the cliff!’ Now, that sounds like a challenge.

Check out the gear and guys at

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Andy Fawcett 02.20.09 at 6:17 pm

I agree completely, boss - there is something inspiring about audio products that reflect the passionate efforts of a lone artisan, rather than a faceless corporation.

I’ve not heard any Burson products, though did approach them a while back requesting a loan; I think they were busy finalising the P100 range so the timing was poor. Glad to see that they’ve improved the quality of the casework on the P160 - the most common criticism of the P100 - but they haven’t addressed a couple of my pet hates: unlabelled selector switches and uncalibrated volume pots! When you’re performing comparative tests, you need to be able to precisely replicate volume settings. Anyway, the down side is that their higher price has pushed them into a very competitive market sector, so will be interested to hear your assessment in due course.

Also nice to see that Burson has given over their website home page to commemorate the more than 200 victims of our recent bushfires, which devastated large areas close to Burson’s Melbourne HQ. Visitors to the site are warned not to get too excited about the ‘Playmates Gallery’ link … it’s only audio gear!

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