Cardas EM5813 Ear Speakers

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I’m a big fan of renowned audiophile designer, George Cardas. Cardas Audio has been one of the go to manufacturers for audiophiles since 1987, especially for its cables. I still use Cardas’ power cords for all my equipment. Cardas makes a wonderful cartridge, too (the Ruby Heart).

Jumping on the very popular headphone bandwagon — audiophiles have to make money, too — Cardas has produced the EM5813 Ear Speakers.

The 5813s have received some dandy reviews and my kindred spirit reviewer pal, Mike Mercer raved about them to me during a recent Facebook exchange. ‘Lots of air’.

George Cardas explains: ‘Designed from the ground up, every aspect of the Cardas EM5813 Ear Speakers is built to mirror the human hearing system. Cardas Ear Speakers are efficient, natural, musical, and are the result of years of meticulous design. New insights into magnetics and metallurgy have yielded a custom driver with unmatched performance.’

I’m looking forward to my review pair as I search for what I consider the Holy Grail — earphones that replicate a concert hall experience. None so far (even Stax and Sennheiser Orpheus), but I live in musical hope. If anybody can do it, George can.

Price: $425

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