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Ever since Dave Wilson’s recent sabbatical tour of the world’s great concert halls, the sounds of his speakers are getting much more to my liking. After falling in love with his large and magnificent Alexia speakers in Denver 2012, I’m very much looking forward to hearing the new version of this small and multi talented speaker. Duette Series 2 can work as a typical bookshelf speaker, as the basis of a 5.1 surround sound system, or, with its associated stand, a floorstander with the heart of the most courageous monitor.

Wilson continues: ‘An All-New Design. When it came time to redesign the Duette, the design team’s goal was to substantially increase Duette’s performance in the most commonly used applications. By eliding the least used configurations, Wilson’s engineers were able to more fully optimize those installation types that remained. Some of the flexibility of the original design could be traded for greater performance. It quickly became apparent that by following this path, the original Duette’s unique ability to be placed near a boundary could be greatly enhanced. It could possess all of the compelling musical qualities of Wilson’s conventional loudspeakers while installed in the most challenging acoustical environments.

Duette 2 in bookshelf configuration.

Duette 2 in bookshelf configuration.

Duette’s original configuration, with its separate dedicated crossover, the Novel, remains. This format is ideal for shelf and cabinet installations. Separating the crossover from the enclosure allowed the engineers to maintain internal volume—necessitated by the eight-inch midrange/woofer driver at the heart of Duette’s remarkable dynamic expression and bass extension. State-of-the-art inductors, capacitors and other crossover parts could be liberally employed without the impediment of the constrained space within the smaller enclosure. Lastly, it allowed for the electronic and mechanical isolation of the crossover elements.

New for the Duette Series-2 is a dedicated stand with an integrated crossover. This “system” approach has several advantages. First, applying the design strategy used in our larger floor standing loudspeakers, the crossover is mechanically isolated in its own dedicated enclosure. Wire management is part of the design—the umbilical attaching the crossover to the Duette is integrated into the stand and hidden from view. The new Duette stand has other advantages: it is far more robust and massive than the stand it replaces. An impedance “path,” similar to Wilson’s large speakers, allows for vibrations to be guided away from the main enclosure and into the floor. The Duette is now bolted directly to the stand, further enhancing resonance control—and the stability of the entire platform.’

Shipping August 2013
Price: Duette/Novel— $17,500. Duette/Dedicated Stand— $19,900

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marvin fox 06.29.13 at 7:08 pm

Complete insanity for speakers at this price. Wilson speakers have been overpriced since they came out.

Matt 07.13.13 at 1:35 pm

I had read that pastel shades were coming back in fashion though I never thought I’d see a pair of loudspeakers in them!

Now, where did I put my white slip-on shoes and Don Johnson jacket?

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