Abyss Headphones’ Model AB-1266

by Audiophilia on July 4, 2013 · 5 comments

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An easy way to grab audio headlines these days, especially in the non audiophile, lifestyle audio press, is to present an outlandish headphone — either technically, visually, or by price. The Abyss Headphone Model AB-1266 has done it by price — they are a whopping $5495!

Headphones are the most important segment of the audio market if measuring metrics by demographic. As mobile audio in smartphones has become the delivery system, portable speakers on the head or desk are ‘it’. That’s where the money is. That, and 5.1.

So, JPS Labs, a solid, audiophile cable manufacturer has gone into the uber headphone biz and, as they extol on the website: ‘Abyss Headphones designs and builds the highest quality headphones available. Our extensive research and development over many years [JPS Labs has been around since 1990 - Ed] concentrates within a very narrow field of material science and energy propagation whereby analog sound is presented to the ears and brain as a very high resolution wave nearly void of any distortions. Abyss Headphones allow for a very high level of enjoyment by allowing you to hear the life essence of the original recording or source.’ They’re you go!

There’s lots of technical info on the website. I’m looking forward to hearing the headphones at the upcoming Denver and Toronto shows, and I’ll report my findings to you. In the meantime, one US reviewer compared them to a Dodge Viper! ‘It’s the Dodge SRT Viper of high-end headphones’. My God, talk about damning with faint praise. For 5K plus, the Model AB-1266 had better be the Ferrari or Aston Martin of headphones, whatever that is.


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Andy Smith 07.05.13 at 1:37 am

These headphones have received a very mixed response from folks on head-fi who’ve heard them (albeit under show conditions so not ideal) so it’ll be interesting to read what you think of them.


barryb 07.05.13 at 9:05 am

I thought Guttenberg’s review was pretty good and his analogy was very appropriate. The Viper he mentioned outperforms most Aston Martins. His review was a rave.

admin 07.05.13 at 9:22 am

Thanks, Barry.

A car is so much more than brute power, unless it’s an American ’sports’ car. Abyss is a US company. Maybe the reviewer is correct. I’ll wait to hear them before seeing if the Viper analogy is apt (I’ve driven one, albeit briefly). For me, I’d prefer anything I manufactured to be aligned with a beautiful aesthetic.

Cheers, a

admin 07.05.13 at 9:24 am

Thanks, too, Andy. As soon as I hear them, I’ll do a mini review.

Cheers, a

Michael 07.12.13 at 8:01 am

Does it have a microphone so that you could use it with your phone/portable music player (albeit with the likely need for separate amplifier and perhaps also a DAC)? If not, why not? Mics. are inexpensive and many people who might buy one might want to use it when out and about and not just sitting at home.

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