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by Audiophilia on July 30, 2013 · 0 comments

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I love Mid Century Modern design, both architecture and furniture. When combined with a little Bauhaus, I’m in design heaven. Symbol Audio, from Nyack, NY, designs audio components combined with lovely furniture. I heard their sounds at the New York show this year and was pleasantly surprised at the stereo separation, always a problem with old school audio consoles. That said, Symbol makes a design, rather than audiophile, statement. The one off Symbol Turntable was my favourite looking of the show. I believe they’ll stick with their present design models for the foreseeable future, but the prototype turntable suggests there are audiophiles among them.

In the here and now, this one stop office solution has two full range drivers with titanium cones and a downward firing sub. Ports in the cabinet allow for a balanced sound and you can connect any audio playback device. All yours in oak, walnut, cherry, or maple for $4000.


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