ALO Audio Studio Six Headphone Amplifier

by Audiophilia on August 5, 2013 · 2 comments

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It’s good to hear companies like ALO Audio, Audeze, and other US start up audiophile companies are making headway not only in the waters of audiophiles, but in the mainstream, too. Where the real money is!

A few of my audio journalist colleagues have been writing (and raving) about ALO, and out of the blue, I receive an invite (actually, a race for 6 review units) of the ALO Audio Studio Six Headphone Amplifier. We don’t run after audio kit. But, I thought for invention and gumption, the Portland, OR gang deserves a mention.

I’ll be sure to have a listen at the upcoming shows and will report back to you. In the here and now, there are audio journalists far more in love with the headphone space than I that can give you a heads up.

It’s expensive at $4,900, so its sounds should caress your ears like few others. Comes in black and silver.

I very much liked the company profile on its website: ‘Here at ALO Audio music drives our passion to create. Hours of daily listening in our Portland, OR workshop provide us with an invaluable perspective on our work. Everything that we manufacture, from portable headphone amplifiers to interconnects and cables, is made to reflect not only our own demanding standards, but to reflect what we enjoy in both portable and home listening. We are music fans first, and craftsmen second. As such, we constantly strive to make concrete and appreciated improvements to the state of personal audio with each product we develop. This method ensures that we all can experience the very best, wherever the music takes us.’


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Michael Mercer 08.15.13 at 1:17 pm

Been rocking this single-ended triode wonder since T.H.E Show Newport (and reviewed it for PFO). PSYCHED to see it mentioned here!!

admin 08.15.13 at 1:19 pm

Cheers, Mike.

I’m looking forward to hearing it in Denver.

Cheers, a

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