KEF M500 Hi-Fi Headphones

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Count another high end manufacturer getting in on the hotness that is the headphone market. Venerable KEF, one Britain’s top loudspeaker manufacturers has producced an in ear model, the M200, and the subject of this post, the over ear M500 headphones.

KEF is all about precision engineering (they’ve been producing enviable speakers that have been benchmarks in our avocation for more than fifty years), and they bring that precision to the portable market.

The M500s have received very good reviews and look gorgeous. KEF suggests that ‘…Sweet, natural and beautifully balanced, KEF’s 40mm neodymium driver is tuned to deliver full range high definition response from 20Hz to 20kHz. At half the weight of conventional copper wire, the copper-clad aluminium wire voice coil improves HF response enhancing subtlety and detail. Each aperture in the tuning plate mounted over the driver in the acoustic chamber is precisely positioned to optimise clarity, dynamics and bass weighting. Opera or hip-hop, on the move or just relaxing, KEF’s M500 Headphones make the most of every note’.

The M500s have an integrated in-line microphone and remote control for your iPhone, use a tangle-free cable, and allows you to use play functions or switch between calls and music.

They are available in Birdseye Maple, Black, Black Ash, Brass, Brushed Steel Bezel, Chrome, and Dark Apple.

Price: US$300


Purchase at our affiliate, Amazon.

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