The Reign of Kindo — North American Tour 2013

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The Annex Wreck Room, Toronto. Sat Nov 16, 2013. The five man Buffalo band, The Reign of Kindo (TROK) was in town sharing a tour with Jolly and Scale the Summit. Although both Jolly and Scale the Summit were effective, tight bands, I was there to review the five man band from down the QEW Highway.

The Wreck Room is a small, intimate venue and was a perfect space to hear the magic this band can deliver. The audience crowded the stage to get full value for the energy and sounds they produced.

TROK’s music is hard to categorize. As soon as the label ‘fusion’ is attached, lots of people run for the hills. TROK is far more progressive rock than jazz, but the alternative style is infused with jazz sophistication and executed flawlessly by trained musicians. This is one well rehearsed group. And, surprise, surprise, the guys use different keys, modulations, complex rhythms, and changing time signatures. Combine these qualities with real creative flow and the songs are memorable and can be quite beautiful. That said, the volume was prodigious and really rocked the place. The sound design was excellent. It was a little bass heavy but with little or no reverb. These small venues are perfect for digging deep into heart of a band.

Everyone was on the clock as the venue had another gig happening later that night. As such, TROK’s set was fairly short, but included ‘Feeling in the Night’ from their new album ‘Play with Fire’ and ‘Just Wait’ from ‘EM’. The musicality on show in these songs and others was impressive. If you get a chance to see one of their shows on this tour, grab it.

Anthony Kershaw


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