Krolo Design ‘Tomo’ Audio Racks and ‘Enhansers’

by Audiophilia Staff on December 20, 2013 · 3 comments

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Audiophilia would like to welcome its newest sponsor, Krolo Design.

Mirko Krolo, designer of Tomo Audio Racks, Krolo Platforms and the ‘Enhanser’ cones, believes in the power of resonance control. His rack, platform and cone designs aim to uncover ‘…nuances and details in the music that were not present before. Vocals become more clear and transparent.’

Audiophilia will be reviewing Krolo’s products in the new year. I first ‘heard’ them at the 2013 TAVES show. Krolo’s products were in several rooms and the associated manufacturers showing with Krolo were raving about the ‘drop in the noise floor’.

Interestingly, I recently attended an in service with the folks at HRS Harmonic Resolution Systems of Buffalo, NY, makers of resonance control platforms. Beginning with the least expensive platform under a turntable, the difference was significant. Everyone in the room, including a couple of old stick in the muds and a few younguns ready to be unimpressed were amazed at the new found clarity of the vocalist and drop in the noise floor. I’m looking forward to having Krolo’s products in and under in my system. Maybe they’ll bump my Solid Tech supports into 2nd place. Stay tuned.

Krolo Design 'Enhanser' cones.

Krolo Design

Want to check out Krolo’s products sooner? Go to the website or hear for yourself at CES 2014 in Las Vegas (Venetian Suites #30-101). Krolo Design will showing with legendary Nola Loudspeakers. Working the room — 2 Tomo Racks, 1 Krolo Platform and the Enhansers.

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Terry London 12.20.13 at 7:04 pm

I had the great pleasure of having the Krolo Design Tomo Rack and Enhanser cones in for review for the website I’m a staff writer for. I found them remarkable for the numerous positive sonic changes they brought to my reference system, without any trade offs or negative effects at all.

In the past I had gone through scores of racks, footers, and isolation platforms that rendered some good results or were a mixed “sonic bag” at best. However, the Krolo Design pieces were the best by far I have ever auditioned in the last ten years!

Terry London

Benjamin Zwickel 12.21.13 at 8:58 pm

I have to try them ;-)

admin 12.23.13 at 9:28 am

I’ll place them under your kit when I review it and report back to readers.

Cheers, a

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