Ball and Buck Custom Wood-Finished Sound System

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Swanky Boston menswear store, Ball and Buck wanted to create an audio subsidiary with just a few American made products. They approached SOTA Turntables, Bottlehead Tube Amplifiers and Blumenstein Loudspeakers, and Ball and Buck Home Audio was born.

Ball and Buck owner Mark Bollman requested the equipment be finished in wood (available in natural or caramelized bamboo). Bollman says ‘It goes along with that whole philosophy around vinyl music and the warm, true sound of the original composition. It’s a natural sound, so it’s a natural finish on the product.’

Ball and Buck + SOTA Moonbeam turntable, $1,258.

Bottlehead Steremour Amplifier. $1348

Ball and Buck + Bottlehead Steremour Amplifier, $1348

The products proved so popular in the store, all the products are now being solid online.

Prices: Ball and Buck + SOTA Moonbeam turntable, $1,258, Ball and Buck + Blumenstein “Orca” speakers, $695/pair, Ball and Buck + Bottlehead Steremour Tube Power Amplifier, $1348, Ball and Buck + Bottlehead Seduction Tube Preamplifier, $798.

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144B Newbury St., Boston, Mass
tel: 617-262-1776


SOTA Moonbeam Turntable Specifications

Rumble: Less than -65db unweighted
Wow & Flutter: Less than .1% RMS (DIN 45-507)
Transmission: Belt Drive
Speeds: 33-1/3 and 45 RPM
Weight: 18lbs. (12 kg)
Dimensions: 6″ H, 18-1/4″ W, 14-1/4″ D
Effective Length: 237mm
Overhang: 15mm
Offset Angle: 21.63 degrees
Cartridge Weight Range: 4 to 11 grams

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