Mies i100: ‘The Ultimate Amplifier for Vinyl Lovers’

by Anthony Kershaw on February 24, 2014 · 2 comments

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I received yet another email from a Kickstarter project designer. But, so polite, I wanted to give our readers a heads up. The $30,000 target is almost complete — just a few bucks shy. Also, the project is based in Toronto at the very cool Planet of Sound store.

Remember the full function receiver? They seem to have gone the way of the Dodo, and with a phono stage? Forget it. So, it was nice to see this cute little box that’ll power your gear and a turntable.

They say ‘The Mies i100 is a result of years of research and testing, gleaned from extensive comparison listening. We plan a retail of $399. The built in phono input sounds as good as any external one up to $300. The Mies i100 has an incredibly clear, natural and powerful sound. It can party with the best of them, or deliver finesse and delicacy at low volumes. It’s a great match for any speakers costing up to $1500.’

Mies i100 rear panel.

Mies i100 rear panel.

Features include:

- 2x Aux inputs (for CD, Computer, iPod, etc.)
- 1x Phono input for your turntable
- 1x 3.5mm front input for convenient phone or iPod connection
- 40 watts per channel of high current power
- Superb sounding headphone jack
- Record output to add more amps for more speakers
- Preamp output for adding a subwoofer 

It looks good and is inexpensive. If it does come to fruition, we’ll be sure to get a review copy and report back to you.

Price: $399


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marvin fox 02.24.14 at 6:36 pm

That is a great price for this fine piece of equipment.

RJH Audio 02.25.14 at 10:25 am

I think the popularity of the “Life style system” is finally bringing receivers back.
It took over 40 years but it’s happening and I bet a lot of women are happier because of it.
Small empty separate boxes did not make sense it was not needed at the mid fi level.
It only made sense to separate pieces that have proper transformers the size of cinder blocks. :)

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