A Quick Visit to New Orleans.

by Martin Appel on April 14, 2014 · 4 comments

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It was my good fortune to accompany my wife to New Orleans, one of the most food crazy cities in the world, where she attended a three day business conference. This gave me some free time to explore the French Quarter, not only for food, but for records. I knew that the great historic city of New Orleans, the ‘Birthplace of Jazz’, Blues and Zydeco, would have to contain some record stores.

This town is overflowing with musicians, performing in a myriad of clubs, bars and street corners. It is inescapable and delightful. It’s as if music is as necessary as breathing. Eating my way through the historic French Quarter, I came upon Peaches Records store on N. Peters St., lots of new vinyl and reissues with a smaller section on used vinyl.

photo: Martin Appel

Another location was the Beckham’s Bookshop at 228 Decatur St. You enter into this dusty looking anti-diluvium shop faced with a myriad of shelves and boxes of old books. “Where are the records”, l asked. The owner directed me to the stairway in the back to the third floor and was told to turn on the light switch when I got there. And, turn it off when I left. Climbing this creaky old wooden stair proved to be worth it. Here was a large selection of mostly classical records in boxes and shelves in a somewhat dusty and gloomy atmosphere. This was a place to look for gems and at $2.00/record.

photo: Martin Appel

I wish I had more time and a larger suitcase but it was all I could do to fit the records I bought. It’s always a blast making discoveries like these stores and seeing that vinyl is very much alive. I know there are more record stores here but they will have to wait for another trip. So, if you’re ever in New Orleans, visit these places and discover some on your own and let me know about them. Now, for some more beigniets and a café au lait at Café du Monde.
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Beau 04.14.14 at 10:01 pm


In NO right now visiting family. Did someone turn you on to Beckhams? He used to have a better selection but I don’t think he adds much any more. Just selling what he has off. You missed the Louisiana Music Factory across from the House of Blues. Vinyl upstairs both new and used. Also you can find some great la music both on vinyl and CD

Martin Appel 04.16.14 at 6:24 am

Hi Beau,thanks for the info. I will have to return and check out The Louisiana Music Factory. I could always have another bowl of gumbo deciding which record store to visit first. Stay in touch should you come up with any more vinyl emporiums.
By the way I found Beckham’s on my wife’s i-phone. I need to get one of those.
All the best, Martin

Beau 04.17.14 at 10:44 am


Just found out the the La Music Factory moved across the Quarter to Frenchman St. Nice ground floor location, a bit smaller but they still have a good selection of Louisiana/New Orleans music as well as a selection of most other genres. The problem with NO now is that a lot of collections were destroyed by Katrina. It’s hard to find some of the older stuff that I used to be able to dig out.

Martin Appel 04.19.14 at 1:32 pm

Hi Beau, thanks for the update. That storm affected all of us. I hope people remember it and keep helping out. Just because the French Quarter was so beautifully restored we must not ignore the other areas where almost total devastation happened and much more remains to be done.

All the best, Martin

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