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by Anthony Kershaw on June 3, 2014 · 0 comments

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The Home Entertainmemt Show in Newport Beach has just concluded. By all accounts it has grown, was well attended, and the folks seemed to have a lot of fun, if cigars and selfies matter at all.

When reading my Facebook and Twitter feed, the only product that was on the audiophile menu at the show was headphones, how to amplify them with tiny, inexpensive boxes or monster, expensive monoliths. Oh, and the odd mention of one turntable. Maybe, this was the fault of the good folks who I follow (the information about the new speakers was on another FB page, must be!) or, possibly, the folks who are covering headphones are better adept at using social media to get the message across? I think the latter. In fact, headphones and mobile/computer audio had its own ‘Headphonium’ show within the body of the main show. This, following the benchmark work instituted at the Denver Show with its ‘Canjam’.

I’m not of the ‘if you cant beat them, join them’ crowd, but from letters we receive, headphones are becoming ever more popular, even with die-hard stick-in-mud audiophiles, like me. Headphones? Bah!

That said, I did receive a lovely email the other day from Zach Mehrbach of ZMF Headphones. He sent me a detailed note about his headphone line. He’s been in business less than 18 months. The company is getting some buzz. The website is spot on and Mehrbach is using social media to his company’s benefit.

He’s sending me their new top model for review. It should be here soon, with a review shortly thereafter. If I use words like ‘they rock’ or ‘awesome’ to describe them, come over and stick a large garden gnome up my butt. Thanks, gang.


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