Antipodes Audio Reference Jumpers

by Martin Appel on July 14, 2014 · 0 comments

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In recent months I’ve had the pleasure of listening to several excellent pairs of speaker jumper cables and have concluded they can significantly affect the sonic presentation. Not exactly a glamorous product that every reviewer wants to address, but a necessary one for those whose speakers have two sets of inputs and doesn’t want to bi-wire or bi-amp his speakers.

My current reference analogue and digital interconnects are the Antipodes Audio Reference and Kokiri respectively and when I learned that they made jumper cables, too, I had to investigate Mark Jenkins makes some killer cables and I was looking forward to his take on the jumper cables.

I ordered a set of jumpers (200mm, approximately 8 in.) with banana terminations which made for quick and easy switching in and out for evaluation. They needed some burn-in time and I gave them about 100 hours before serious listening began. If I had to describe their main characteristic in one word it would be ‘naturalness’. They created a feeling of enjoyment without adding aggressive artifacts to the sound. All the detail and resolution you could want was present but without any edge or electronic glare. Imaging was excellent with an expansive soundstage that brought you more closely to the musical venue. They simply created a more intimate connection with the performance.

I could go on about the equal treatment to all frequencies or the wonderful presentation of voices and instruments, but I think you get the picture. I know I did. If you’re in need of jumpers for your system, the Antipodes Audio jumpers would be first on my list to audition. They took a superb loudspeaker, Alta Audio’s FRM-2 and increased its performance envelope. If I hadn’t heard it I wouldn’t have believed it.

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