Monday August 25, 2014 — Toronto, ON. HDtracks and Audiophilia to partner.

First, there was the LP (which made the most magnificent comeback), then the cassette tape, the CD, DVD Audio, SACD, etc. Most dead or thereabouts. Much like the video world, we now download or stream our music. It’s downloaded for home use, on the computer and on the go.

Audiophilia will still continue to review CD versions of releases, and vinyl, of course. But the way of the musical world is digital downloading. The great news is the availability of high resolution files of recordings old and new. As audiophiles and music lovers, we’re lucky. All over again.

So, it is with great pleasure that we have partnered with HDtracks, the world’s foremost ‘hires audio’ delivery solution. They will be our partner for digital downloads used for music reviews and for use in equipment reviews.

Using HDtracks is as easy as going to their excellent website and downloading files to your computer such as DSD and resolutions up to 194/24. If these numbers and acronyms scare the musical bejeezus out of you, as they did me, HDtracks has a wonderful FAQ that will unravel all the numbers and resolutions. It’s an easy read and your ears will thank you for it.

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Jim McDermott 08.26.14 at 9:26 am

I find the bejeezus scared out of me far more by the prices they charge for high-rez downloads I can’t touch, see, smell or really own. Remind me - by what order of magnitude to ‘dead or therebouts’ CDs continue to outsell hi-res downloads and vinyl?

admin 08.28.14 at 9:39 am

‘Really own’. Not sure what you mean by this? Why won’t you own the files you download?

I’m also unsure of what you want me to remind you. Apologies.

My conjecture is really quite simple. CDs, like vinyl will be a specialist item in a few years.

Cheers, a

Robert D. 08.29.14 at 5:47 am

Downloaded files are licensed, you do not own them. You cannot sell them like an LP or a CD, you cannot give them away. You will never shop for downloads in a used music store. I believe that this is what the poster was referring to.

admin 08.29.14 at 8:45 am

Thx Robert. That does shine a light on things.

As for the store, thank God. Shopping for used CDs and LPs is one of the true pleasures of our avocation.

Cheers, a

Karl Sigman 09.02.14 at 9:28 pm

I think Anthony deserves a lot of credit for seeing the future as it is; wether we like it or not….the world of physical disks and such is evaporating as we write, and will not come back. We can bicker about old times; the art of developing camera film with paper/chemicals and such instead of digital photography, about legalities of copying digital files and such–and rightly so. But we are living in a massive digital revolution and there will be no turning back, and acknowledging that is very important.

admin 09.03.14 at 12:29 pm

Thx, Karl.

Stores like Elusive Disc and Acoustic Sounds and second hand stores are going to be treasure houses for lovers of CDs. Like LPs, they’ll be around for many years, just not in the mainstream.

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