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Dear Readers:

Today is our six month anniversary on the Wordpress Thesis content management system. Actually, it is our 12th year on the web. Yes, we are that old (in web years, ancient!). Audiophilia is the second oldest mainstream audiophile web magazine.

We would ask you once again to subscribe to our RSS feed. Subscription means you are never out of touch with Audiophilia and our cutting edge, shill-free reviews. We subscribe to honesty through elegant prose. Please join us. We will never spam your account or sell information (please see our Privacy Policy). Your support is very much appreciated.

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Lawrence de Martin 06.23.09 at 10:49 am

I don’t like audio. I am a musicophile. My budget, in decreasing order: (1) tickets to live acoustical performances; (2) Musical instruments, mostly harpsichords; (3) media; (4) recording equipment; (5) playback equipment.

I find the music archive first, and then seek an appropriate playback system. I have approximately 5,000 albums in all formats since Berliner. NO recordings are good enough to justify more than $50K for playback equipment, but one may easily double that number for architectural modifications - and that’s a good target ratio.

I have never confused live sound with reproduction. I can hear the difference between 192K and 384K decimation, and DSD. I do not image on coincident, multi-miked or other IALD based fake stereo recordings. I hear phase, can’t stand vented boxes, horns or most implementations using stiff radiators (metal, Kevlar, carbon, fiberglas etc.). Most speakers have high spatial and temporal distortion and I have not heard a speaker that reproduces full orchestral level without distortion.

I have heard good illusions of surround sound from Michael Gerzon, James Johnston, Andrew Lipinsky and Ralph Glasgal; and commercial release by Chesky. This is more interesting than 2 channel.

admin 06.23.09 at 11:46 am

Okee dokee!



marvin fox 06.23.09 at 6:14 pm

Audio is an illusion that is it period.

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