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by admin on June 14, 2009 · 5 comments

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I was on Twitter earlier this afternoon. I follow Will Harris and he mentioned TWIT (This Week in Tech) was just about to go live from the Twit Cottage with host Leo Laporte. It’s usually a great show with the chatty, funny and technically erudite Leo Laporte, serial grump John Dvorak and sundry guests (sometimes including the verbose name dropper extraordinaire, Jason Calacanis — at which point, I turn off!).

This was a particularly excellent show (#199) with lots of news — the Palm Pre (which looks fantastic), the new iPhone 3GS, the switch from analogue to digital in the US TV realm, etc. What got my attention, though, as I sipped a French martini, was a recommendation for an iPhone application, the Public Radio Tuner — Public Radio on Your iPhone (downloadable from the iPhone app store on the device or iTunes).

This wonderful FREE app gives the iPhone owner a veritable smorgasbord of US public radio stations. Which means fantastic classical, jazz and smart talk. This is good news as classical stations are slowly going the way of the Dodo, especially here in Canada (CBC, are you listening? Didn’t think so!).

It’s been fun the last couple of hours discovering all sorts of fantastic music, performances and recordings. Right now? WGBH Boston (an old favourite of mine) with a program about Dvorak with a noted scholar and recordings by the Chicago Symphony. Fantastic. And, audiophiles, the sound is splendid (and they use vinyl — I just heard some delicate snap, crackle and pop on a DGG/CSO/Guilini recording of Dvorak’s 8th). Gorgeous!

So, if you have an iPhone, you can download the app for free and be listening to great music via your earphones or, like me, on a dock plugged into your hi fi. What are you waiting for? Enjoy.


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urbanflute 06.14.09 at 7:55 pm

Methinks that the CBC might actually being sitting up and paying attention right now, or at least one would like to think…so they can stay at the table for another round of high stakes whatever!
Hm-m, analogue vs digital…i-pod vs french martini: now I’m intrigued!!

admin 06.15.09 at 6:22 pm

Hey, nice to see you around Audiophilia, Jaime.

See you soon for the flute summit :)

Cheers, a

Rekha from Public Radio Tuner team 07.13.09 at 1:44 pm

Thanks for the Tuner love. The app’s going to get even better in a few weeks - we’re releasing a new version, called Public Radio Player, that will have station schedules (e.g. “What’s Playing Now”) and on-demand streaming of past episodes of hundreds of programs. Keep up to date, and download the app, at http://www.publicradioplayer.org.

admin 07.14.09 at 7:42 pm

No problem. We’ll look out for any new information right here.

Cheers, a

Rekha from Public Radio Tuner team 07.19.09 at 10:19 am

The Public Radio Player is now live. We encourage your readers to check it out - it’s pretty awesome, if I may say so. http://www.tinyurl.com/publicradioplayer is the direct link to iTunes.


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