In celebration of the Audiophilia team!

by admin on September 29, 2009 · 1 comment

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Here’s to the best team in high end audio. The Audiophilia team. I’m the least of them. These guys are dedicated. They listen, they write, they edit, they suggest, they help, they direct, they build. That’s why they’re the best. And the best thing, we’re friends. Musical and audio friends, yes, but pure friends, too.

When my original business partner and I went our separate ways over ten years ago (me the ideas guys, he, the tech guy), I feared the worst for Audiophilia. I remember my pressing the send button for my first attempt at the technical aspect of the business. My hand was shaking worse than any musical premiere in which I’ve participated. Reputation is everything.

Things were rough for a while. Then came the NYC contingent. Roy, Marty and Henry rode out of the setting sun. They offered their services for next to no remuneration. They wanted in to a magazine that did not shill. No nonsense. No bullshit. Just high end audio and music. I was happy to read anything and everything they provided. They emailed well-written, well-researched reviews. I was a happy camper. And it’s been that way for five years, now. I’m the lucky one. And I wanted to say a personal, heart felt thank you for all their hard work.

Also, to our newest writers, Andy from Oz and Mike, also from NYC. Both class acts. And echt audiophiles. Like Marty, Roy and Henry, they live and breathe high end audio and music. I’m honoured to be associated with them. And not forgetting my technical advisor, Rick. And *he’s* Canadian! Like me.

And not forgetting Harry Currie, contributor of essays about music and recording. The man’s a real genius. Yes, a real one! Web director, Trudy Maresch. I lurve you! And our sponsors, especially our two longest serving members of that particular club, Angie Lisi and Vince Scalziti. Oh, boy! Stars!

So, thanks guys. Onwards.

Cheers, a

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marvin fox 09.30.09 at 7:22 pm

You should be honored to have a intelligent and knowledgeble man like Roy Harris to be associated with. He has golden ears and astute sense of musicality when he listens to various music and stereo systems.I was proud to know Roy when I lived in NYC years ago.This man is a true audiophile in every sense of the word.Thanks Roy

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