The Wadia Digital 170i Transport

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Hi gang. I’m working on the new digital media to see how far the manufacturers have ventured into the high end. There are stories of reviewers being fooled at audio shows by iPods masquerading as high end CD players, which says something for the quality of iPods or the cloth ears of reviewers! We have done shoot outs chez nous, and most iPod MP3 downloads are easily discernible. WAV and FLAC files start to approach CDs, but take up much more space on the iPod. That said, Wadia Digital, erstwhile high end digital component manufacturer has released its 170i Transport. I’m going to get one for review and will hook it up to another request, PS AUDIO’s Digital Link III DAC Digital to Analog Converter. I’ll report back to you ASAP.

In the meantime, Wadia suggests ‘The iTransport is the first ever component specifically designed to transform your iPod into a high-resolution audio/video media server. The iTransport combines the convenience of personal audio with the performance and connectivity of your home audio/video system, delivering bit-perfect digital audio signal via S/PDIF coaxial (RCA) output, DVD quality video via component outputs, and built on a sleek aluminum chassis.

When the iPod docks with iTransport, the iPod transforms into an audiophile-grade media server that rivals some of the top performing digital source components available. Experience the iTransport for yourself at a Wadia dealer nearest you.’


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