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I thought I’d give our friend, cable designer, Matthew Barker, some internet love. Matt’s been a good friend and supporter of Audiophilia for many years. I’ve used his inexpensive cables, both speaker and interconnect and can attest to their qualities — open, clear sound, with a natural, relaxed quality that allow micro and macro dynamics, both. They are worth far more than their very reasonable prices.

From Microphonic Audio: ‘The new Microphonic Audio Superior loudspeaker cable uses oxygen free copper wire, with high quality polypropylene insulation, similar to the type used on some of the most expensive and exotic loudspeaker cables in the world.

The cable design is based on the theory that high frequencies travel along the outside of wires and low frequencies travel through the middle of wires. With this in mind, we have tried to create a cable with the perfect balance of surface area and metal content to carry high frequencies and low frequencies equally well

The result is an open and transparent sound with a great bass and sparkling treble clarity.’

Check out Matthew’s website.

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Eddy 06.19.11 at 2:04 pm

I am from Canada and I bought a pair of this speaker cable from ebay. When I receive the package it look like some simple roll of white speaker wire with a much harder shell, but once I hook it up I was very surprise on how it tidy up the bass and open up the high. My old big fat hose like OFC speaker cable just make its way to the recycle bin right after.

I have other cables that cost a lot more, but this outperform them all and leave me some money to buy more music. Nice job.

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