AMR CD-777 CD Processor is Launched

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Received this press release today. Product looks interesting and is part of the ‘777′ line of components.

London, U.K. – 19th November 2009 – AMR would like to announce the launch of its CD-777 Compact Disk Processor. The CD-777 Premier Class CD Processor housed in an aircraft-grade pure aluminium-alloy chassis, is a complete CD source; transport or DAC. The musical performance is beyond reproach and sounds unerringly close to true analogue. At the heart is the exceptional and final, Philips Multi-bit Digital-to Analogue Converter chipset (which has not been used in a CD source until now). With NOS 6H1n-EV premium valves and an unwavering attention to power supply and components, the CD-777 comes into its own when compared to the best vinyl sources.

Abbingdon Music Research (AMR)

Price: US$3,999


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