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We have our ‘The A List’ and now Tom Moon has written a book, 1000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die. Interestingly, I saw a companion book at Chapters just yesterday, the slightly trumped title of 1001 Classical Recordings You Must Hear Before You Die. With emphasis on the must! It certainly looked good and had many of the recordings that music lovers treasure. Audiophiles, too.

Tom Hiltbrand of the Philadelphia Enquirer wrote “Tom Moon isn’t afraid of a challenge. Otherwise he’d never have taken on a project as daunting as “1,000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die,” an ambitious attempt to catalog the most essential albums in history, from Bach to Beck, Marian Anderson to Iggy Pop.

“It’s almost impossible to find a checklist that applies to opera and blues and hip-hop,” says the longtime music writer. “I was looking for stuff that was a peak, that described a state of emotion or a state of being that nothing else did quite as well.”

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