Blowing our own horn.

by admin on May 23, 2010 · 9 comments

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A good day for us with a Google search for ‘audiophile’.

We’ll take third after Wikipedia and Stereophile. A search for ‘Audiophilia’ always gave us the first hit, but we’re happier with the bronze for this particular search. Only took 13 years :)

Special thanks to all the writers and sponsors for your support and sage advice over the years.

Cheers, a

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Matt 05.24.10 at 1:28 pm

..but Audiophilia will always be #1 to us!

admin 05.24.10 at 2:14 pm

Thanks, Matt.

Long time. Hope all is well, bud.

Cheers, a

Susanna 05.25.10 at 10:21 am

Excellent news and well deserved. Susanna

admin 05.25.10 at 12:47 pm

Many thanks, Susanna. Cheers, a

admin 05.28.10 at 6:59 pm

2nd today. Even beat Stereophile! :)

Andy Fawcett 05.29.10 at 6:57 pm

the rest of the population used to view audiophiles as mild sociophobes who spent their whole time listening to music. Thanks to you, we are now viewed as mild sociophobes who spend most of their time running Google searches … ;-p

It’s a tribute to all the effort you’ve put into this over the years to be “up where we belong”. Now, who are this “wikipedia” mob, and what do they know about anything? 8-D

admin 05.29.10 at 9:04 pm


Wikipedia! Don’t get me started. The edit Nazis! :)

I think we deserve an entry.

Would someone like to write one for us?

Cheers, Andy. Actually, a truly collaborative effort. Could not do it without you guys.

J. Karner 06.29.10 at 5:09 pm

Well done, this is well deserved. You’re site and collective input is top notch.
A pleasure as always.

admin 06.29.10 at 6:18 pm

Thank you for your kind words. Cheers, a

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