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We received a pleasant email from Grier Govorko, owner, designer and chief bottle washer of Q Speakers Ltd. I thought our readers would appreciate a heads up about these interesting looking speakers from New Zealand.

The nice looking website mentions ‘…Q speakers Ltd is a boutique business that produces limited numbers of units per month, each Q speaker is assembled by hand, the woods are real, the bases are metal, the finished pieces are unique.

When we started Q we asked ourselves some simple questions: they went sort of like this:

Does good audio have to come from a point source? ie: an obvious position in a room

Our conversations with Dave Levine (Red Hot Chili Peppers sound engineer) led our thinking in another direction. By developing what we’ve coined as “reflective audio” the Q speaker has a unique design attribute where-by the mid-high speaker drivers are pointed at the metal base. Thus giving the listener smooth crisp audio that has no obvious point source. The coverage is 360 degrees, so within a room the entire space has coverage in all directions. Standard directional audio certainly has a place, for instance a home theatre system creates an obvious focal point, which hopefully is around the movie or media your watching, or in a rock concert the focus is on the stage. In our home lives however we might love having music around, but we may not want to have to position ourselves within the focal axis points of a standard stereo system.

Do people live in space ships?

We decided that they didn’t, although you’d be forgiven if you thought they did, looking at the majority of electronic gadgets or speaker systems out there. Why are so many companies making powered speakers that look like they belong in 2001 Space Odyssey, when quite clearly no one lives like that. Orbs, Globs or blobs are not what we want to create.

Is there a cost benefit to hand-crafting even though it ’s a more expensive method of production?

Yes. Just because a product can be squeezed out of a vacuum mold for pennies, doesn’t make it good. The cost to all of us on the planet grows ever greater when more and more plastic is produced of which,millions of tons ends up in our oceans and landfills. We’d like to do what we can to limit this.

We’re happy to say we dont make cheap things, we make beautiful all-in-one speaker systems for people that live in houses and apartments, who care about quality and who would like to be part of keeping our planet habitable for humans, but also the menagerie of amazing creatures we share it with.’


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