Soul by Ludacris

by admin on August 10, 2011 · 0 comments

in Headphones

As Chris Bridges (AKA rapper Ludacris) likes to say: ‘Music should move you…make you feel something. It’s about expression and passion. If you’re getting a proper musical experience, you can feel it in your soul.’

Somehow, I don’t think his rapper pal Dr.Dre got this memo. The good Doctor released a series of headphones — the ‘Beats’, expensive red behemoths that, to me, sound like the inside of a kettle drum while played by a monkey. YMMV! That said, I’m no rap ‘artist’ connoisseur, but Ludacris has an easy going style that I’ve seen on film that maybe will be captured in sound in his new series of Soul headphones.

The Soul series has 8 models, ranging from $69 to $299, much cheaper than the expensive Beats.


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