Magnum Dynalab MD 107 Triode Tube FM Tuner

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by Anthony Kershaw

Is terrestrial radio dead? The Canadian manufacturer of premium tuners doesn’t think so. The government may say 2015 but the practicalities of the situation (read TV delays) make the switch to digital channels more like 2030. If the magical sounds I heard from this beautiful piece of kit are any guides, lucky us.

While doing a pre review visit of the ESOTERIC K-01 CD player, I had a chance to have a brief listen to Magnum Dynalab’s MD 107 Triode Tube FM Tuner. Tuned to Toronto 91.1, the jazz was easy on the ear, with what is consistently missing from lesser tuners — fleshed out instruments, real dynamics, wonderful, rich bass and an actual soundstage.

If you like your music free and in true high-end sound, try to hear this wonderful tuner from Magnum Dynalab.

Price: $4500


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