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Our inbox is filled to the brim each week with press releases. We’re happy to get them. Lots of new and interesting stuff out there. A release that caught my eye was from Siavash Rezaei, owner of Canada’s beautifully-named Serene Audio.

Serene makes very lovely looking speakers to accompany computers (active) or for home theatre (passive, just add your own amp and sub). Serene’s very good and clean site states ‘Serene Audio was created as an extension of the culture and lifestyle that we live. It’s through our passion for high fidelity sound and attention to detail that we strived to view the objects in our lives from a different perspective. Our value for high performance sound quality - paired with our love for design inspired us to collaborate with local craftsman, combining sound design know-how to build a new category of speaker. One that showcases a rare combination of - hand crafted quality and advanced sound control handling all within a unique modern design.’

Give them a look see. We hope to review a couple of pairs in the near future.

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