Whither Vinyl? 2011 a banner year for LPs!

by admin on January 5, 2012 · 2 comments

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You might say 0 times 0 is still 0. But, there is good news for vinyl fans. Sales are up over 39% in 2011 according to statistics just released by Nielsen Soundscan. Vinyl sales in the US topped 3.9 million in 2011, a 39.3 percent gain over 2010.

Audiophiles have never fallen out of love with the LP and it looks like much of the resurgence is due to indie bands and the like — many of the new releases are on MP3, CD and LP with some only available on vinyl. Who said that ‘youth is wasted on the young’?

And when venerable classical label Deutsche Gramophone (basically, the gold standard in classical music) releases the latest recording from its No. 1 star Gustavo Dudamel on LP you know things are on the up for us. This is spectacular news for both music lovers and hardcore audiophiles. Rejoice!

A graphic from Digital Music News.

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Rick 01.05.12 at 6:33 pm

This is encouraging news. I did quick search for this album but am unable to find it on the DG website. Do you have a link to it?

admin 01.05.12 at 7:01 pm

Welcome, Rick.

Here you go.

Cheers, a

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